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Beam bridges are constructed using a straightforward process that begins with the placement of abutments or piers at each end of the span. These supports serve as the foundation for the bridge structure. Horizontal beams, typically made of reinforced concrete or steel, are then installed atop the supports to create the bridge deck. The beams are carefully positioned and secured to ensure structural stability and load-bearing capacity. Additionally, formed concrete bridges are a common type of beam bridge, where concrete is poured into molds or forms to create the beams and deck. Once the concrete has cured, the forms are removed, leaving behind a solid and durable bridge structure. Once the deck is in place, additional components such as guardrails and pavement may be added to complete the bridge.


At Dahlen Structural, we specialize in providing comprehensive bridge construction services. Our expertise encompasses the construction of various bridge types, including beam bridges and concrete formed bridges. Beam bridges, characterized by horizontal beams supported by piers or abutments, are ideal for shorter spans and pedestrian crossings. Our team excels in the efficient and precise construction of beam bridges, ensuring structural integrity and safety while adhering to project specifications. Additionally, we specialize in the construction of concrete formed bridges, where concrete is poured into molds or forms to create the bridge structure. This method allows for versatile designs and customized solutions to suit specific project requirements. From pedestrian pathways to vehicular bridges, we leverage our experience and expertise to deliver high-quality bridge construction projects, meeting the highest standards of safety, durability, and functionality.