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Consultation Policy 

Thank you for considering Dahlen Structural for your construction project needs. Please note we do not provide complimentary consultations for projects. To schedule a site visit, we require prior review of the soils report and structural designs, subject to our availability. Below is an outline of the general process to obtain a permit, especially relevant in California, particularly in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties where permits are essential for most projects, including partial foundation repairs:

  1. Engage a Geotechnical Engineer: Secure a slot for drilling as early as possible, as their schedules tend to fill up quickly.
  2. Survey Considerations: If a survey is necessary, you can opt to have the Geotechnical firm handle it or hire a separate survey team. Some Geotechnical Engineers offer survey services, but it’s wise to confirm their offerings.
  3. Hire a Civil/Structural Engineer: Collaborate with an engineer to design and produce plans for submission to the Building Department. Please note that Dahlen Structural does not do in house Engineering, but here are some we recommend.

This stage provides an excellent opportunity to involve contractors, equipping them with the soils report and structural designs. By doing so, you streamline the permit acquisition process, potentially leading to swift construction commencement. It also enables contractors to accurately bid on the project scope, ensuring procurement of the correct materials and averting costly change orders due to market fluctuations and supply chain disruptions, prevalent since 2020.

  1. Permit Application: Compile and submit the full plan package to the Building Department, awaiting revisions and eventual permit issuance.

We acknowledge the significant investment construction entails and understand the complexities it may present. However, adhering to this structured process enhances contractor receptivity, fosters competitive bidding, and mitigates the risk of project delays stemming from regulatory issues. Should you have any queries or apprehensions regarding the permitting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Kindly include project specifics, property address, and relevant photos for a comprehensive review. We’re here to offer guidance on permit requisites, recommend suitable engineers, or provide alternative solutions if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.