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We are the foundation experts

We have the capabilities to lift and repair troubled foundations and build new foundations to last. Using helical piers and other technology, we can bring your house at the right level, and keep it there. To learn more about our technical information, click here. If you are concerned you may have a problem with your foundation, make sure to review all the appropriate warning signs click here.

New Foundations – We utilize a number of applications (depending on soil conditions and ground slope) to build a stable foundation that inhibits the possibility for problems that could develop. By locking the base of your new home, erosion slows and your foundation remains solid and level.

Foundation Repair – We fix foundation problems at the root of the problem. Utilizing helical and foundation piers, push piers, underpinning, foundation wall anchors, basement wall repair methods, we can get your house on the right level. We are a foundation repair contractor, ready to give you a permanent solution to your foundation issues. Using Grip-Tite load bearing steel and helical piers, we can lift and stabilize a sinking foundation, creating a permanent solution for your home or commercial building.

Replacement – Sometimes the damage has gone to far to repair. In that case we have the expertise to replace your existing foundation, using the same Grip-Tite Helical Pier systems.

Warning Signs

What to Look For

When you notice the telltale signs of a damaged foundation the next step would be to bring in a professional for a consultation. We know your home is usually your biggest investment and will give you the best options to fix the current problem while keeping your house protected from future issues. We provide advanced foundation crack repairs, basement repair, and concrete foundation repair for your home or basement. More..

Foundation Technical Information

Here are some of techniques we utilize for home and basement foundations:

  • Pier & Beam Foundation
  • Push Piers
  • Helical/Helix Pier
  • Pier Foundation Construction
  • Slab Foundation Construction