Technical Information

We utilize the Grip-Tite Helical Pier Foundation system for foundation repairs.


Square & round shaft helical pier installation
• New Construction Helical Piers
• Helical Pier Tiebacks for Retaining Walls/Basements
• Helical Pier Dead Man Anchors

Push Pier Installation on Existing Settled Foundations
• Lift Settled Foundations to Original Elevation
• Guarantee no Further Settlement

Wall Anchor Installations 
• Support tilting basement wall/retaining wall
• All-Weather Installation
• Installed in tight access areas
• Foundation Concrete can be Poured Immediately Following Installation

Helical Piers
Lead Sections Available in 2, 5, and 7-foot lengths
Extensions Available in 3, 5, and 7-foot lengths
Single, double or triple helix helical pier lead sections
Helix blade diameters of 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches

Hot-dip galvanizing (zinc coating) available for added corrosion protection

Round shafts
27/8″, 31/2″, and 41/2″ diameter
Lead shaft sections use 1-3 helix flights (8″-14″ diameter)
Square shafts
Round Corner Square (RCS) Shafts 11/2″, 13/4″, 21/4″ in diameter
Lead shaft sections use 1-3 helix flights (8″-14″ diameter)