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As natives of Santa Cruz County, we’re all too aware of the damages caused by combinations of weather and unstable earth found throughout the Monterey Bay Region.  Since 2006 we have specialized in foundations (building, repair, replacement), foundation leveling, retaining walls, and other types of erosion control as this type of work ranges from “could possibly use some work” to “desperately needed ASAP!”  We also know that since so many homes in the area are over thirty years old, they could just use some updates whether drainage installation/repair, a new driveway, or even a new second story whether above or below ground level!

Our Philosophy

We try to recycle all of the materials from our jobs and create as small of an environmental

Our Crew

After growing up in Boulder Creek California I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a tradesman. Over the years I’ve done a little bit of everything including cell tower maintenance, plumbing, and general carpentry when in 2005 I decided to focus on specializing in foundation repair and erosion control.  Due to winter rains, soft soils, and the age of many homes in the Monterey Bay there are plenty of opportunities to fix sliding hillsides, settling or cumbling foundations, and general erosion problems of all scales. I earned my contractor license and starting Adam Dahlen Construction in 2006. I live in Santa Cruz with my wife and daughters.

The Team