Warning Signs

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, so be aware of any of the following issues, as they could be a sign of deeper problems within your foundation. The sooner problems like these can be addressed will go a long way to minimizing potentially disruptive repairs.

Note that the signs below aren’t always an issue, but to keep your mind at ease we offer a free inspection (unless your house is in escrow). Contact us for a free foundation inspection.

Cracks in the foundation

Can be caused by the house settling or potentially there is a sinkhole, which is caused by water dissolving minerals in rock and limestone or washing away dirt, leaving open spaces in the ground. By not taking action these cracks will continue to form and the foundation problem will continue to get worse.

Cracked bricks

Doors/Windows not opening properly

Doors and windows not opening properly can be caused by a foundation that hasn’t settled properly. Your doors and windows should all be square and plumb, without any sagging. Potential problems have occurred if your door exhibits any of the following: a horizontal drop across the doorway, swings open by itself, scrapes the floor, shows cracks in the molding around the door or has significant gaps between the door and the floor/ceiling.






Water and other geological forces under the ground can cause movements that put stress on the framing structure of your house. This leads to separation of:

  • door jams
  • sheet rock
  • corners
  • doors/walls

Here are some samples

we’ve come across you should watch out for...

Signs of foundation settlement

This picture is a sign of foundation settlement. The exterior wall has Sheared from the interior wall causing the wallpaper to buckle. The foundation settle do to exterior drainage problems. First the drainage problem needs to be repaired and then the foundation...

Garage settlement

This is a picture of a garage that had settled 3 and a half inches on the left side causing the entire garage to be come out of plumb 6 inches from the foundation up to the roof line. The stress of the settlement because the header beam over the garage door to crack....